Check DTC OBD trouble codes for Ford Focus, Mondeo, Fiesta and other vehicles

Check DTC OBD trouble code:

C0200 C0201 C0202 C0203 C0205 C0206 C0207 C0208 C0210 C0211 C0212 C0213 C0215 C0216 C0217 C0218 C0220 C0221 C0222 C0223 C0225 C0226 C0227 C0228 C0229 C0231 C0232 C0233 C0234 C0236 C0237 C0238 C0239 C0241 C0242 C0243 C0244 C0246 C0247 C0248 C0249 C0251 C0252 C0253 C0254 C0256 C0257 C0258 C0259 C0261 C0262 C0263 C0264 C0266 C0267 C0268 C0269 C0271 C0272 C0273 C0274 C0276 C0277 C0278 C0279 C0300 C0301 C0302 C0303 C0305 C0306 C0307 C0308 C0310 C0311 C0312 C0313 C0315 C0316 C0317 C0318 C0320 C0321 C0322 C0323 C0325 C0326 C0327 C0328 C0330 C0331 C0332 C0333 C0335 C0336 C0337 C0338 C0340 C0341 C0342 C0343 C0345 C0346 C0347 C0348 C0350 C0351 C0352 C0353 C0355 C0356 C0357 C0358 C0360 C0361 C0362 C0363 C0365 C0366 C0367 C0368 C0370 C0371 C0372 C0373 C0500 C0501 C0502 C0503 C0505 C0506 C0507 C0508 C0510 C0511 C0512 C0513 C0700 C0701 C0702 C0703 C0705 C0706 C0707 C0708 C0710 C0711 C0712 C0713 C0715 C0716 C0717 C0718 C0720 C0721 C0722 C0723 C0725 C0726 C0727 C0728 C0730 C0731 C0732 C0733 C0735 C0736 C0737 C0738 C0740 C0741 C0742 C0743 C0745 C0746 C0747 C0748 C0750 C0751 C0752 C0753 C0755 C0756 C0757 C0758 C1091 C1095 C1096 C1097 C1098 C1100 C1101 C1102 C1103 C1104 C1105 C1106 C1107 C1109 C1110 C1111 C1112 C1113 C1114 C1115 C1116 C1117 C1123 C1124 C1125 C1126 C1127 C1132 C1133 C1134 C1135 C1136 C1137 C1138 C1139 C1140 C1141 C1142 C1143 C1144 C1145 C1146 C1148 C1149 C1150 C1155 C1156 C1157 C1158 C1159 C1161 C1162 C1163 C1164 C1165 C1166 C1167 C1168 C1169 C1170 C1172 C1173 C1174 C1175 C1176 C1177 C1178 C1179 C1180 C1181 C1182 C1183 C1184 C1185 C1186 C1187 C1188 C1189 C1190 C1191 C1192 C1193 C1194 C1195 C1196 C1197 C1198 C1199 C1200 C1201 C1202 C1203 C1204 C1205 C1206 C1207 C1208 C1209 C1210 C1211 C1212 C1213 C1214 C1215 C1216 C1217 C1218 C1219 C1220 C1221 C1222 C1223 C1224 C1225 C1226 C1227 C1228 C1229 C1230 C1231 C1232 C1233 C1234 C1235 C1236 C1237 C1238 C1239 C1240 C1241 C1242 C1243 C1244 C1245 C1246 C1247 C1248 C1249 C1250 C1251 C1252 C1253 C1254 C1255 C1256 C1257 C1258 C1259 C1260 C1261 C1262 C1263 C1264 C1265 C1266 C1267 C1268 C1269 C1270 C1271 C1272 C1273 C1274 C1275 C1276 C1277 C1278 C1279 C1280 C1281 C1282 C1283 C1284 C1285 C1286 C1287 C1288 C1289 C1400 C1401 C1402 C1403 C1404 C1405 C1406 C1407 C1410 C1411 C1412 C1413 C1414 C1415 C1416 C1417 C1418 C1419 C1420 C1421 C1422 C1423 C1424 C1425 C1426 C1427 C1428 C1429 C1430 C1431 C1432 C1433 C1435 C1436 C1437 C1438 C1439 C1440 C1441 C1442 C1443 C1444 C1445 C1446 C1447 C1448 C1449 C1450 C1451 C1452 C1453 C1454 C1455 C1456 C1457 C1458 C1459 C1460 C1461 C1462 C1463 C1464 C1465 C1466 C1467 C1468 C1469 C1495 C1496 C1497 C1498 C1499 C1500 C1501 C1502 C1503 C1504 C1505 C1506 C1507 C1508 C1510 C1511 C1512 C1513 C1699 C1700 C1701 C1702 C1703 C1704 C1705 C1706 C1707 C1708 C1709 C1710 C1711 C1712 C1713 C1714 C1715 C1716 C1717 C1718 C1719 C1721 C1722 C1723 C1724 C1725 C1726 C1727 C1728 C1729 C1730 C1731 C1732 C1733 C1734 C1735 C1736 C1737 C1738 C1739 C1740 C1741 C1742 C1743 C1744 C1745 C1748 C1749 C1750 C1751 C1752 C1753 C1754 C1755 C1756 C1757 C1758 C1759 C1760 C1761 C1762 C1763 C1765 C1766 C1767 C1768 C1770 C1771 C1772 C1773 C1774 C1775 C1776 C1777 C1778 C1779 C1780 C1781 C1790 C1791 C1792 C1793 C1795 C1796 C1797 C1798 C1800 C1805 C1813 C1814 C1818 C1819 C1820 C1830 C1831 C1832 C1833 C1834 C1835 C1836 C1837 C1838 C1839 C1840 C1841 C1842 C1843 C1844 C1845 C1846 C1847 C1848 C1849 C1850 C1851 C1852 C1853 C1854 C1855 C1856 C1859 C1860 C1861 C1862 C1863 C1864 C1865 C1866 C1867 C1868 C1869 C1870 C1871 C1872 C1873 C1874 C1875 C1876 C1877 C1878 C1879 C1880 C1881 C1882 C1883 C1884 C1885 C1886 C1887 C1888 C1889 C1890 C1891 C1892 C1893 C1894 C1895 C1896 C1897 C1898 C1899 C1900 C1901 C1902 C1903 C1904 C1905 C1906 C1907 C1908 C1909 C1910 C1911 C1912 C1913 C1914 C1915 C1916 C1917 C1918 C1920 C1921 C1922 C1923 C1924 C1925 C1926 C1927 C1928 C1929 C1930 C1931 C1932 C1933 C1934 C1935 C1936 C1937 C1938 C1939 C1940 C1942 C1943 C1944 C1945 C1946 C1947 C1948 C1949 C1950 C1951 C1952 C1953 C1954 C1955 C1956 C1957 C1958 C1959 C1960 C1961 C1962 C1963

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